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MiVAC Site

The MiVAC Trust is the initiative of Australian Vietnam Veterans who cleared landmines in Vietnam and have seen first hand the devastation caused by these indiscriminate weapons.

RAE Association of Western Australia

By joining the RAE Association of WA you not only get a great monthly newsletter, you also have the opportunity to catch up with a lot of your old mates at our meetings, get togethers, special events and functions.

1 Fd Sqd RAE Borneo

1 Field Squadron Group saw active service in central Sabah (previously North Borneo) between December 1964 and June 1965 during the Indonesian Confrontation with the newly formed Malaysia . . .
A site maintained by Ray Phillips - 2 Troop Commander - Borneo 64-65


This site includes a host of educational and historical information on ANZAC Day, the Spirit of ANZAC and all conflicts in which Australian forces have served. The site will be regularly updated and improved as resources permit.

Tunnel Rats Association

The Vietnam Tunnel Rats Association Inc was formed for all who served with one of the Field Troops. Membership is exclusively for men who served in Vietnam with either 3 Field Troop, 1 Troop, 2 Troop or 3 Troop of 1 Fd Sqn. This is not an attempt to exclude, but to bring together the Field Engineers. The members of the Field Troops fought alongside the Infantry plus they performed their additional tasks of mine and booby trap detection and clearing, plus bunker and tunnel searching and demolition.
Other units are free to form their own Association.
President: Jim Marett.
(H): 03-9824 4967.
(W): 03-9690 7888.
(M): 0403 041 962.


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