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George Hulse OAM Australia & France Friendship Bridge complete interview from Cr James MacKay

About Amiens Bridge

The idea to dedicate a monument to every Australian Army Engineer unit that served in World War One (WWI) was born at a reunion of the 1st Field Squadron Group RAE Association in 2015. Research into Australian Army engineer history in support of the fighting elements revealed that the Australian Sappers were involved in hand-to-hand fighting in their role as combat engineers. The units were also responsible for a host of engineering work providing mobility and sustainability resources from seaports to the front line.

George Hulse OAM personal story of the Australia French Friendship Bridge; Anzac Park Brisbane Australia and Amiens France

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Amiens Memorial Bridge - Dedication Day

The build of the bridge and its dedication is on the 11th of November 2022, at Anzac Park. Toowong Qld.

More information will be sent out as soon as we have confirmed details of the dedication of the bridge in Amiens, France.  

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Amiens Memorial Bridge

Proposed Bailey Bridge
The Amiens Memorial Bridge
will be similar to this image.

Our memorial bridge to be built in Amiens France has been overtaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel bans and restrictions have forced the postponement of the build and dedication of the bridge to 8 August 2021, when hopefully, this international calamity will be a thing of the past. More information on ceremonial and dedication arrangements will be passed on during the coming months.

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